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Discover the Differences Between Java and JavaScript

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Discover the Differences Between Java and JavaScript

Most people assume that Java and JavaScript are the same programming language or two names for the same thing. In reality, Java and JavaScript are not identical. In particular, JavaScript and the Java programming language have no link. Java is essentially one of the most extensively used programming languages. The programming language was named JavaScript to capitalize on the popularity of the word “Java.” Continue reading to discover the primary distinctions between Java and JavaScript.

What Exactly Is Java?

Java has become one of the world’s most commonly used programming languages since its introduction in 1995. Oracle presently owns it, and over 300 billion devices utilize Java. Specifically, the Java programming language is widely used to develop games, large data analysis, web servers, desktop applications, Android mobile apps, and other applications.

Java is a network-centric, class-based, object-oriented, general-purpose programming language. Its main objective is to decrease implementation dependencies. Java is a platform for computing that is rapid, trustworthy, and secure. Several programs for computers, Android phones, data centers, gaming consoles, and other devices depend on it as a consequence.

Java Features

The following are some important Java features.

  • A programming language that is simple to learn.
  • A programming language that is secure. Since it lacks pointers, it is difficult to access the out-of-bond arrays.
  • Code may be written once and executed on any computer platform.
  • Platform-independent. (i.e.) Programs written on one computer may be run on another.
  • Developed for the creation of object-oriented applications. It goes through all four key OOPS concepts: abstraction, inheritance, encapsulation, and polymorphism.
  • Language with multithreading and automated memory management. Allows the concurrent execution of two or more program portions for optimal CPU use.
  • Created for the internet’s dispersed environment.
  • Since it is network-centric, it allows distributed computing.

What Exactly Is JavaScript?

JavaScript, the well-known and open-source client-side scripting language, is supported by all web browsers. It is also referred to as the programming language of the web. In 1995, Brendan Eich invented the language for the first time. The language was initially called Live Script before being renamed JavaScript.

JavaScript’s main goal is to enhance how consumers interact with websites. It is also widely used in the development of mobile games and apps. The C programming language most influences the syntax of JavaScript.

JavaScript Features

Several notable JavaScript features are listed below.

  • Dynamic and lightweight programming language.
  • An object-oriented programming language that is interpreted.
  • Open and cross-platform compatibility is supported. (i.e.) All current web browsers and operating systems are supported.
  • Designed for the development of network-centric applications.
  • Java and HTML are both integrated.
  • A compiler is not required.
  • Controls the date and time.
  • Form validation is carried out using HTML forms.

Key Distinctions Between Java and JavaScript

1.Java is a programming language.JavaScript is a scripting language.
2.It is a pure object-oriented programming language.It is an object-based language.
3.Java is a standalone language.JavaScript integrates with HTML for execution; hence, it is not a standalone language.
4.Java is a strongly typed language. i.e. the user can decide the variable’s data type before declaring it in the code. E.g. ‘int a’, the variable ‘a’ can store only integer values.JavaScript is a loosely typed language. i.e. the user need not worry about the variable’s data type for declaration. E.g. ‘var a’, the variable ‘a’ can store the value of any data type.
5.Java programs should be compiled before execution.JavaScript should be integrated into the HTML program for execution.
6.It is a complex language to learn.It is a simple language that is easy to understand.
7.A web browser is not required to run Java programs. Java requires a Java Development Kit(JDK) to run the code.Any text editor or web browser console is necessary to run JavaScript programs.
8.In Java, complicated tasks can be performed using multi-threading.In JavaScript, users cannot perform complicated tasks.
9.Java requires a large amount of memory.JavaScript requires only less amount of memory.
10.Java program languages are saved with the .java extension.JavaScript programs are saved with .js extension.
11.Java is stored on the host machine as “Byte” code.JavaScript is stored on the Host machine as the “source” text.
12.Java applications can run on any virtual machine (JVM) or browser.JavaScript runs on the web browser and the server via Node.js.
13.The objects of Java are class-based, and no programs can be executed without creating a class.JavaScript objects are prototype-based.
14.Java has a thread-based approach to concurrency.JavaScript has an event-based approach to concurrency.
15.Java is mainly used for the back end.JavaScript is used for both the front end and back end.

In Conclusion

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