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Interesting Topics for Special Occasion Speeches and Writing Instructions

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Interesting Topics for Special Occasion Speeches and Writing Instructions

Guidelines for Formulating Special Occasion Speeches

Do you have to speak at a special gathering? Has your teacher instructed you to prepare a speech on a subject for a particular occasion? Everyone will have to perform in front of others at some time in their lives. You will be expected to give an interesting speech based on the occasion, whether it be a graduation ceremony, retirement, or any other significant event. Speech topics and speech writing should be given much consideration when it comes to public speaking.

Reading this blog article, you may better grasp the many kinds of speeches for special occasions and how to compose them. Continue reading this blog article if you want inspiration for intriguing ideas for memorable occasion speeches.

What is a speech for a special occasion?

A speech for a special occasion emphasizes the significance of a particular event. The occasion might be a funeral, goodbye, birthday celebration, award ceremony, wedding speech, graduation, etc.

Generally speaking, a speech for a special event should be succinct and only focused on that occasion. Depending on the incident’s circumstances, even the speech might be instructive or motivating.

Speeches at significant occasions are often divided into many sorts. Typically, the speech’s objective changes depending on the occasion. For instance, a toast is made at a wedding, and a eulogy is delivered at a funeral. You may also utilize pathos to convince the audience during a speech for a particular occasion by appealing to their emotions.

Speeches for Special Occasions: Types

As was previously said, there are several sorts of speeches for important occasions. In general, a lot of things happen in our lives. But for every occasion, you should give a specific speech that fits into one of two categories: ceremonial or inspiring.

The most efficient method to express your thanks, sympathy, and admiration is via speech. So, choose a speech style that is appropriate for the specific occasion or event you are attending.

The many categories of speeches on essential occasions are shown below.

Introductory Speech

It is a brief speech delivered by the event host to introduce the next speaker. It is often delivered to acquaint the audience with the speaker before they deliver a speech. When introducing a speaker, you, as the host, may do it uniquely to get the audience excited and anticipating the speaker.

Acceptance Speech

It is a speech given by someone who has won an award, distinction, or reward. You should thank everyone in your acceptance speech as the speaker. The following points should be primarily covered in the acceptance speech.

A particular thank you to the award or prize presenter.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to your success.

Share your thoughts on the reward or prize you were given.

Presentation Speech

The dedication speech is spoken while dedicating something to someone. The dedication speech is often given during events like store openings and inaugurations. You should emphasize the importance of a project and the person to whom it is dedicated while making a dedication speech.

Delivery Speech

It is a speech delivered when a prize, honour, or award is presented. In essence, the presenting speech is made to honour a person’s achievements. Don’t forget to include the following points while giving your presentation speech. Include the following in your presentation themes for the speech-to-speech exchange:

Mention the importance of the prize that will be offered.

Highlight the prize recipient’s accomplishments.

Make your speech unique by mentioning the legitimacy of the award and the occasion.

Eulogy Speech

It is a speech made in memory of a deceased individual. Most often, priests or other religious authorities deliver the eulogy. Actually, it is given as a homage to the deceased person’s soul. The following should be included in your funeral address while writing a eulogy.

Describe the dead person’s life in detail.

Highlight the deceased person’s accomplishments during their life.

Be in mourning for the departed.

Farewell Speech

You may say farewell after this speech. It is often presented during goodbye parties for high school and college or when you transition from one stage of your life to another. You should express your gratitude and appreciation for the individuals who supported you throughout this period of your life and assisted you in achieving achievement in your goodbye speech. Additionally, you may recall the enjoyable recollections you had with them.

A Dinner Speech

It is a kind of discourse that is given after meals. It typically concentrates on a certain group. The primary goals of the dinner speech are to enlighten and amuse the audience on a certain topic. In an after-dinner speech, you may utilize comedy to successfully handle a serious subject.

Toast Speech

A toast is a brief remembrance of someone or something. It is often created to thank and honor the individuals who are being toasted. As the speaker, you may express your congratulations and acknowledge the recipient’s accomplishments via your toast. The toast is often made at wedding ceremonies.

Roast Speech

It is a humorous speech intended to both laud and criticizes the target of the roasting. To honour someone’s accomplishments, roasts are often served at the conclusion of a banquet. Although this speech has the potential to be hilarious, the target’s feelings shouldn’t be wounded.

Goodwill Address

It is a speaking style that is used to build friendly ties with the audience. It has the power to both inform and persuade. Justification speeches, speeches for public relations campaigns, and speeches of apology are a few typical examples of goodwill speeches.

Commemorative Speech

This speech is spoken at graduation ceremonies. Academic degrees will be given to students who have successfully finished their courses at the graduation ceremony. The celebratory speech is often delivered by a well-known individual, such as the nation’s president, the governor, etc.

We have seen several special occasion speeches up to this point. Let’s now look at how to write a speech for a particular event.

Checklist of Special Occasion Speech Subjects

Would you be required to make a speech at a particular event? Therefore, do a search and choose a special occasion theme first. Before you begin writing your speech, think about and compile the main elements after choosing a compelling subject.

Here is a list of things to think about while you write your speech for a particular event.

What event are you making your speech for?

Mention your participation in that unique event.

Whom are you trying to reach?

Determine how long your speech will be.

What should the tone of the speech be?

Indicate why you are speaking.

When would be a good time for you to make your speech?

What should be disregarded while attending a delicate event?

Speaking on your own behalf or that of the organization: Which is preferable?

Is it possible to offer a personal or work-related anecdote?

Your speech preparation will be simpler if you know the answers to all of the aforementioned questions. With the information you’ve gathered, you may create a speech outline and make an interesting speech for a special occasion that touches on all the pertinent details of the occasion.

Writing Speeches for Special Occasions

There is no set framework or style for composing speeches. But organizing the thoughts and structuring the speech outline properly is crucial to make the speech engaging to the audience. When writing a speech for a particular event, you must first decide for what occasion the speech is being prepared. Because each special occasion speech type has a different speech content dependent on the setting of the event.

You may begin outlining your speech after you have a clear concept for your special occasion speech. The special occasion speech plan adheres to the traditional speech format, which consists of three main parts: the introduction, the body, and the conclusion. All special occasion speech styles follow the same general format.


No matter what kind of speech you are giving for a special event, start it off with a compelling hook. Your introduction should have the ability to quickly capture the interest of your target audience.

Make sure to include some intriguing details about the incident in the opening when you are writing the introduction. Include a thesis statement that underlines the goal of your speech after that. Provide a transition to the body portion and a preview of your main ideas in the introductory section.


You may go into more depth about the subject you choose in this area. Your shared arguments have to be pertinent to your thesis. Additionally, you might provide some reliable proof supporting your main ideas in the body section to strengthen the validity of your thesis statement.

Depending on how much time is given for your speech, your body part may be longer or shorter.


You should end your speech at this point. Your speech should conclude with a strong message and a summary of all the key themes in the conclusion portion.

Speech Topics for Interesting Special Occasions

You must make the ideal subject selection for speeches for special occasions that are event-focused. The speech will only be remembered for the subject you chose. Therefore, the setting of the event should be given the highest weight when choosing the special occasion speech subject.

Here are some fantastic suggestions for special occasion speech topics.

Make a closing statement speech for your departing party.

Give the year’s top employee the prize.

Make a maid of honour speech at the wedding of your closest friend.

Write a eulogy for a well-known individual.

Make an acceptance speech after receiving a prize.

Deliver an introductory speech to your nation’s new president.

Give a wedding couple your best man speech.

Make an impactful speech at the college departure celebration.

When your buddy is leaving the company, give them a roast.

Deliver a remembrance speech to honour a significant occasion in the lives of the graduates.

give a keynote speech at the annual meeting of a firm.

Make a speech for after dinner.

At a gathering, give a speech on public relations.

Make a motivational retirement speech.

Make a speech in honour of your instructor.

To Sum Up

We hope that you now have a comprehensive understanding of the many categories of speeches for special occasions and the best practices for writing them. Additionally, you may use the list of ideas and subjects for special occasion speeches that were published above to write an outstanding speech for any event you might have.

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