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The abc company key issues commerce essay

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The abc company key issues commerce essay

THE ABC COMPANYReport Draft on Underlined Key Issues


Importance of having clearly defined job descriptions………………………………….………………………. Pg 3

JOB DESCRIPTION APPLICATION & FORM…………………………………………………….…………….. Pg 4

Recruitment strategies and Planning stages of the recruitment…………….…………………………………………….…Pg 7

Recruitment and Selection Policy…………………..………………………………………………… Pg 8

Implementations to improve productivity………….…………………………………………..……. Pg 9

Bonus Policy……….………………………………..……………….. Pg 10

Conclusion……………………………………………………………. Pg 11

Bibliography………………………………………………………….. Pg 12

1) Discuss the importance of having clearly defined job descriptions in an organization. Every employee, in all organizations around the globe, has a set of responsibilities that they have been hired to fulfill. Only by the assignment of these tasks does the leader or boss know and can manage to run his or her department. Everything from the titles given to each employee to the strategic placement of their desk has been worked out to enable that employee to focus on their given tasks. Once each member of the organization has been assigned specific jobs, can the company run in an organized manner. Call it specialization of these individuals or simple designation according to caliber of each employee, the fact remains that defining each person’s job and giving a description and list of targets to them, allows numerable benefits to the company. Firstly, in this manner, projects can be prioritized. That which is most urgent can be addressed first and the supervisors will know what their team is currently working on. This allows for the company to make better judgment calls and thus provide its best clients with the highest priority work. Secondly, with clearly defined jobs, each member of the organization is focused on what they have been given; usually, what they do best. This way the boss or group leader can monitor the progress of each cog in the machine and make adjustments where needed. Finally, and also an extension of the second point, each employee can now be held accountable for whatever aspect they were handling but could not manage. The problem can be isolated and the root found. Furthermore, instead of free riding or blaming problems on others, a certain employee who was not performing up to the mark can and should be held responsible and certain actions taken against them to ensure that the whole machine does not collapse due to the incompetence of one piece or person. Job descriptions allow for a better understanding of the workings of the company and help in isolating and extracting the problem(1). It also allows for the evaluation of employees and allows HR managers and group leaders to track the excelling employees, allowing for verbal or monetary rewards for outstanding performances; keeping the moral and the loyalty of the employees intact. Now when it comes to designing a job description we have to keep in mind that the same paper will be handed to new recruits as well as employees being transferred or promoted (In some cases, demoted). Thus the job description template should be through and easy to comprehend for the recruits. Nothing is more important than being clear yet firm about the company, its policies and the requirements by the organization. Here I will discuss the template that deals with all three together. Mostly a job description template firstly gives a brief introduction to the workings of the company and the role of the position in question to the requirements of the company. This is followed by a requirement of the soon-to-be employee to fill in their basic information, such as, name, age, gender, SSN and so on. Next, they are made aware of the position they are being hired for, the time range of the contract and the salary being offered. After this basic exchange of information, a relatively small but extremely detailed and comprehensive paragraph follows which clearly states the exact nature of the job and what the company will be requiring from the employee. Here, a list may be introducing stating the functions and responsibilities that the person has to fulfill in order to complete his job. For example an SMO/SEO would be clearly told of the targets he is to meet on social media networks, which pages he has to handle and with what budget he will be working with. An open ended statement can be introduced here to allow some mobility of the employee if the company sees fit, such as a clause stating ‘ Other development projects by the marketing team where an SMO is required’. Funds and other factors must be mentioned and a signature page then follows where the supervisors, department heads and senior administrator should sign. However, if a special factor applies or a common one does not then that should be stated here. But, if such a factor is applicable then addendums can be listed for supervisory positions or special titles. Also, this part of the job description paper is best suited to list the hierarchy the employee will be following. Who they will be reporting to and who will be reporting to them, allowing for a smoother understanding of the chain of command. Finally, the job description template should end with an open ended question asking to list any special queries, disabilities, skills or opinions that the employee would want the company to be aware of. To sign off, the contract expiry is mentioned at the bottom along with the signatures of all relevant people.


Approved Title Effective DateTitle Code Grade NIC Contact#: Date: Employee’s Name: Current Title: Proposed Title:(If reclassification request)Supervisor’s Name: Supervisor’s Title: Supervisor’s Phone No. & Email Address: Department: I. Organization SummaryPlease give a brief description (paragraph) of the organization (department) in which the position resides. (OR, Company details can be provided by the HR)


II. Purpose of the PositionPlease give a brief description of the overall purpose of the position. Tell ” Why does this position exist?” (OR, Position details can be provided by the HR)


III. Major Functions: List the major duties and responsibilities of this position, in order of importance. Be brief but include all important duties. Please provide examples (brief ones, please), if they will help illustrate the complexity of the work. Include the nature or kind of the work performed, the variety and the degree of difficulty (routine or complex)IV. Scope and ImpactScope applies to the organizational extent or range of operation of a position’s primary responsibilities, i. e., ranging from that of a department, addressing daily problems, to a position within the company and its departments’ scope, where many segments of the company are affected by the actions of an individual position. Impact refers to the effect of the position’s actions on the organization, i. e., how people do business and what they do. An accountant within either department will have an impact on how several payroll assistants process payroll actions that affect numerous departments and/or individuals. Thus…A) What scope or organizational breadth does the position have? Who are the primary constituency(ies) or client group(s) served? B) What impact does the position have on the recipients of the position’s products and services? What are the consequences of actions taken by this position for or on that group(s)? V. IDENTIFY FUNDING SOURCES FOR FUTURE REQUESTS: Account #: ____________________________________ orFunding Strategy: ______________________________________________________



VI. SIGNATURES(Note: The signatures below should be appended to the end of the completeddescription.)[CERTIFICATE OF EMPLOYEE:] I certify that the foregoing information is correctand complete and describes my job as I understand it. ________________________ Employee’s Signature ________ DateCERTIFICATE OF IMMEDIATE SUPERVISOR AND DEPARTMENT HEAD: I have reviewed the above statements and certify to their accuracy with the exceptions noted here.


_____________________Supervisor’s signature ___________Date_____________________Department Head’s signature ___________DateSubmitted by: ____________________________ Date: ___________________2) Discuss procedures that should be implemented when designing a recruitment strategy that will achieve the strategic goal of the business. Planning stage of the recruitment strategy. The planning stage of the recruitment strategy can mainly be broken down into four parts, namely, Advertising, Short-listing, Interviewing/Selecting the right candidates &Pre-employment checks and appointments(2). Advertising is the first step that allows the market to become aware of the vacancy at your company. It allows an inflow of prospects which leads to the next step; short-listing. Once you have received all the C. Vs of potential candidates, it is the job of experienced human resource managers to short-list all candidates that fit the criteria set by the company for hiring. It is a tedious process but is essential to get to the best candidates for the job(3). Here, all the previous job experiences and educational qualifications are considered as well as what the candidates have accomplished in their previous years, such as, awards for extra-curricular activities and so on. Stephen Covey’s bestseller ‘ 7 Habits of Highly Successful Individuals’ states that more than educational qualifications, there are several other qualities that lead to success, namely, being proactive, prioritizing jobs and keeping a sharp mind and tools to help you in your field . Though most HR managers do not consider this in their evaluations, I believe that such a study should be made use of and such factors should come into play(4). Thus, leading us to the next step of the interviews where such questions and qualities should be questioned, highlighted and given importance. Finally, once the right candidate is selected or has been short listed to a handful, pre-employment checks such as their previous job records and educational achievements should be verified to ensure there is no misunderstanding or in a worse case, the company was not lied to. Once all these tests have been passed, the HR manager can offer the final candidate the position they had applied for. 3) Design a recruitment and selection policy. Include all recruitment practices that insure that the best person is appointed for the job. As discussed in the previous question, there are basic planned strategies that lead to the best person being hired. Taking from that, policies should be set up to insure that what has been planned is taken into effect. Firstly, during the advertisement stage of recruiting, the HR team should make use of all possible sources of advertisement to insure all possible best candidates are aware of the opening. This can be done through newspapers, online advertisement include the use of career offering websites and through headhunters whose sole purposes is to find the right person for the job and the right job for the person. Once this awareness has been created and people know where to apply for what position, there will be an inflow of resumes which will have to be short-listed. The HR team should introduce barriers and prerequisites to filter out the top layer of candidates. Such filters usually include a minimum level of education, a certain CGPA and minimum work experience in a related field. Other specific measurements can be taken that are related to the job, for example, some rehabs only hire counselors or psychiatrists that do not smoke or drink themselves. Similarly, ABC can introduce filters or requirements they would like in their employees. These filters and requirements are then cross checked against the documentation provided by the employees that are selected and specific requirements which are intangible can be stated in their contracts which can lead to termination, such as, those employees found to use alcohol even outside of work will immediately be removed and their contracts terminated. Similarly, interviews should be job specific and based around the requirements of the company from the employee. If the job requires quick decision making and is of a creative nature, then the interview must entail such inquires that test these abilities. Out of the box thinking is usually tested by asking nearly absurd questions with no correct answer just to check the train of though and coherency of the interviewee. Other tests can also be presented such as I. Q and E. Q tests which will give the HR team a better understanding of the person they are to hire. 4) Recommend Strategies that the HR department should implement to improve the productivity of the employees without other employees wasting time to assist their colleagues to complete their tasks. Your recommendations should insure the retention of employeesThe HR needs to introduce measureable and visible targets against which to measure the workings of the employees. Thus it would be best that along the job descriptions, KPIs are introduced that allow for the evaluations of employees. Strategies that come into play here vary from the structure of the office to the abilities of the employees. In order to retain employees while insuring they manage to complete their work on their own and produce great results, the first step is to insure the hiring of the correct person, one who is capable of handling their assignments and needs no or little guidance in doing so. This point has been covered in the answers above(5). Other factors that the HR team should introduce are structural motivations and abilities that will help the employees work more efficiently and produce better quality(6). By this, I mean each employee should be equipped with all the necessary tools and can have visual aids to help them. Many offices use visual tools, such as basic and most used formulas, phone numbers and priority charts that are displayed for all to see. An employee can simply refer to the chart if there is any confusion. Seating and positioning of employees also matters. In marketing offices, graphic designers are grouped together while copywriters and assistant managers are placed together to allow a smoother flow of information and reduce disturbances in the office(7). Some of the strategies that the HR can implement are keeping a record of the employees’ check in and logout times along with their days off. Once the HR knows the time an employee is giving to the company other measurements become much more effective. 5) Design a policy and strategy that can be used to determine the bonuses that should be paid to the employees based on their performanceThe following bonus policy is, alone, for the sales team of ABC Company. Employees shall be given semi-annual bonuses according to the basic ‘ pay-for-performance’ plan: Individual Incentive Plan. Each employee will be rewarded based on the evaluation of their KPIs. Variables that will be taken into account are total sales, cold calls, client retention and introduction of new business. Bonuses may vary according to the fulfillment of the requirements. Each employee may earn up to 150% of their semi-annual earnings aside from their basic salary. Each employee is required to fulfill at least 25% of each of the following criteria to be applicable for their bonus: Total monthly Sales should average at $40, 000/-100 cold calls each month that are registered to the sales team headRenewal of expiring contracts that result in $15, 000/- per month, each monthIntroduction of new clients resulting in sales of at least $15, 000/- per month, each monthA 100% achievement of all the above will result in maximum bonus.


It can be concluded that with the right steps and measurements, the Human Resource Department can be a great source of influence for the employees. It plays a critical role in insuring the right people are employed, the best are rewarded and the loyal are retained. The HR team helps in keeping the employees motivated to do their best and to resolve any issues that may arise at the work place. In companies that grow too large to be supervised by just one man, a certain few specialists are required and this has become the norm because it is imperative that everyone does their best to keep the business lucrative and in return are rewarded for their efforts. Like any field of study or business, human resource management is nothing less than a science that incorporates psychological and sociological factors in insuring efficiency and efficacy. It is a measurable and systematical approach at managing the human capital of a company and time and again has proved to be the silent key of a successful company. Humans in themselves are very complicated beings and without proper measurements, policies and rewards, such capital cannot be properly utilized. This factor has been recognized and thus Human Resource Management has been labeled the foundation for a smooth operating company.

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